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The Ins and Outs of Signing a Lease

Here at JALEX, we have individuals calling from morning to night, asking about rentals. Sometimes individuals know what apartment they want to see, sometimes we guide them to the place for them. Eventually, the questions always comes: when can I sign the lease?
Well, there are a few steps we take to insure your experience is the best it can be. I will break down our simple process for you so that you are 100% prepared!
1st step: Let’s check out the place!
We have several licensed real estate agents that are ready to show you our rentals. And guess what? It doesn’t cost you anything! Perhaps you only have 1 apartment in mind, or maybe 5! Sometimes it’s necessary to show apartments over several days, but we will make sure you get to see any rentals of interest before you make your final decision.
2nd step: Fill out the JALEX application!
Our application is quick and painless – just fill out some information about yourself that will help us learn more about you. Items include your current landlord and employer, as well as some personal information we need to run your criminal background and credit checks. No hidden fees here, we charge $25 per application.
3rd step: Now, it’s time for…
Hold deposit! I’m sure you’ve heard of a security deposit, but what is a hold deposit? A hold deposit is a simple concept – it “holds” the apartment for you. While we are busy working on your application, we make sure no one else is checking out the apartment. We stop showings and the place is (almost) officially yours. Now, this part is important: if you are declined, you get the deposit back. BUT- if you are approved, and you back out, you lose your deposit. Why? We have lost time showing the apartment to other interested parties and lost potential income. If you are APPROVED, your hold deposit turns into your security deposit and we place your money in an escrow account and don’t touch it until your lease is over.
4th step: Sign the lease!
To sign the lease, everyone who will be on the lease must be present. We do require you to set up an appointment to sign the lease, because we have to gather important documents ready for you to sign. Setting up an appointment is easy: just call our office! 717-477-9326. Any one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you.

There you have it! Signing a lease in 4 simple steps.