Tenant Testimonials

“JALEX is honestly the best place we have ever rented from. You guys have great customer service. You’re always very friendly and very understanding. We appreciate all you’ve done for us!! 🙂 ”

– The Mulligans, Tenants

“JALEX was very helpful in my apartment search, when I knew nothing about Shippensburg area! I am thankful I contacted them and found a place where I now feel ‘at home’.”

– Hillary M., Tenant

“Renting from JALEX for the past three years has been nothing short of great experience. The entire staff is very accommodating and always there to help when we needed something. Thank you for a great three years!”

-Greg W., Tenant

I am very satisfied with the service I have received. From the beginning of the renting process, everyone I had contact with was helpful and courteous. Any issues or repairs I needed were handled promptly.

– Tammy N., Tenant

My experience with JALEX has been wonderful. For a first time renter like myself I can say that I am very happy to be renting off JALEX. Everyone I have spoken to at the office has been very pleasant.

– Jen R., Tenant

“We’ve been renting through Jalex for almost 3 years now and they have been wonderful. They are quick to return calls or emails with any questions or issues we have. Their staff is all exceptionally kind and understanding. They make the process of moving or renting very easy. We would highly recommend them to anyone!”

-Lindsey H., Tenant

“I have had an excellent experience with JALEX. Customer service is excellent and I feel like they are always there when I need them.”

– Casey B., Tenant

Owner Testimonials

“I managed my own apartments for 10 years and it started to wear me down. I decided to give JA LEX a shot and 10 months later, I’m glad I did. They take care of all the tedious details and now it’s nice that someone else deals with the business side of my rentals which were becoming more and more time consuming for me.”

-Mike P., Owner

“I had a management company at one time, but I lost a lot of money. I now manage my own properties, and I’ve been working with JALEX since 2008 to help find tenants and purchase investment properties. They help me make money, and I recommend them to anyone I know who wants to get started in rental investment.”

– Kevin, Owner

“JALEX has been handling my properties for several years, both while I was deployed overseas and working state side. I have never had any issues with my properties or tenants, which were not handled promptly and professionally. I have recommended to several other investors to use JALEX to purchase and manage properties to increase their portfolios. JALEX also has a stellar team of contractors who respond day or night to conduct repairs and address any problems identified by my tenants. For anyone looking to purchase a property or have their investments taken care of I highly recommend JALEX.”

– Cody G., Owner

“My wife and I have been in the rental business since the mid-nineties. We got into the rental business thinking that it would be either an alternative, or supplement, to our retirement savings. Since then, we have experienced a number of ups and downs in our business with the previous two property managers that we have employed. We have lost literally thousands of dollars in income because of poor management; i.e. deliberately diverting tenants to management owned rental units, failure to follow up on security deposit issues and utility payments, letting the tenants destroy our property, and on and on. We were forced to stay with these property managers because there was no one else in the area, and both my wife and I worked a seven day a week schedule.

Our switch over to JaLex management was a very pleasant surprise. They have done an outstanding job of getting the properties in order as far as taking care of all of the tenant needs, property repairs and upgrades, and the monthly paperwork. I have referred several people that we know to JaLex, and would be willing to recommend them to manage the rental properties of anyone considering changing property managers. Again, they have done an excellent job for us.”

– Al R., Owner

“JA/LEX Real Estate Services provides excellent, prompt, and friendly customer service for both Property Management and Real Estate purchases! As property manager, they handle the entire process making it easy and effortless to have investment properties. For real estate transactions, JA/LEX is top-notch with their accessibility and knowledge, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. Without hesitation, we strongly recommend JA/LEX Real Estate Services to our family and friends!”
– Ryan and Angela F., Owners

“Jalex began managing my rental property five years ago when I moved away from the area. They have proven trustworthy and competent. Things run smoothly. A statement arrives in my inbox each month, and they keep me informed when problems arise. It’s nice knowing the bills are paid, the rent is collected, and the tenants are cared for.”

-Travis M., Owners